Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tutorial: Newspaper Nails

Hey guys! Sorry Ive been superrrr busy!!! Okay so today, here's a tutorial for newspaper nails! I use a different method from others, so i hope it works for you!!!

1. Gather materials: top coat, white polish, rubbing alcohol, newspaper, and nail polish remover/Q-tip.

2. Paint the nail white. I usually don't use a base coat.

3. Wait for the nail to completely dry.

4. Soak the nail for five seconds in the rubbing alcohol. Then, quickly press the newspaper onto the nail, face down. Make sure it covers all of the nail, and apply pressure for twenty seconds. Once it dries and you. cant see the words anymore, gently rip off the excess paper.

5. Clean the outer edges of the nail.

6. Now that the nail is dry, put it in the rubbing alcohol again and take it out very quickly.

7. Wait one minute after taking it out, and then put on a top coat, regardless of if it's dry or not.

8. Show off your nails!